Bayerischer Wald

Indulgence is the magic word in the Bavarian Forest, „enjoy walking“: which may be between the 946-meter high mountain plateau in the Stone Forest and the 1379 meter high Plöckenstein in the border triangle of Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria …


This premium hiking met quality standards in relation to the state of the roads, the attractiveness of the natural environment, cultural landmarks and signage. More than 60 pedestrian-friendly shops along the route in the Bavarian Forest and Upper Palatinate Forest to the criteria for „- quality hiking Bayern Accommodation in Germany“ to meet. The character of these companies is the local cuisine, the lunch service, formed a traveling expert in-house, weather information and maps, booking service for the next accommodation and much more. The Tourist Office Ostbayern to the trend that more and more people spend their holidays in nature and walking reacts by a true renaissance. „Walkers want quality, attractive accommodation, good food and useful extras,“ said Georg Steiner, director of the Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria „, and that we are all the new quality hiking trail Goldsteig.“

Arbersee-in-Bavarian Forest

Moreover, the path crosses some of the most beautiful, interesting geological landscapes of Bavaria. The route runs along the ridges of more than a thousand meters high mountains of the Bavarian Forest and the Bavarian Forest National Park. Finally, Gehnuss Your hosts pamper guests with all kinds of art on foot.

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